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For more
information about
our cds
or to invite
us to record your next
event, please call us
at 713-429-4547
or call us toll free for
long distance customers
at 1-(866)-630-9871
or email us at

  1. Question 1: I noticed that you only have a limited amount of cds and sets available on your site right now. I understand that you are adding more as you go. Do you have a list I can view of others you are adding?

  2. Question 2: I don't feel comfortable purchasing over the internet. Can I call you?

  3. Question 3: My credit card was charged to the company name Entertainment Planners and not Why is that?

  4. Question 4: I want to order the "CD of the Month" club, but I don't want to pay at once. Can I give you permission to charge my credit card on a month to month basis instead?

  5. Question 5: I want to order the "CD of the Month" club, but I have already bought several CD's from you. How do I make sure I don't get the same one twice?

  6. Question 6A: The download is a Zip file. How do I unzip the file to extract the audios?
    Question 6B: What is a Zip file and why are the audio downloads in that format?

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